The 36 Red format is played on a 36-by-18 foot court, with a red foam or red felt ball and 19- to 23-inch racket.


Scaled down racquets and other equipment that fosters enjoyable learning experiences.


This program is all about keeping it fun and exciting, while establishing a foundation for gross motor skill development. Basic movement and coordination skills will be introduced.

The 60 Orange format is played on a 60-by-21-foot court, with an orange ball and a 23- to 25-inch racket.


Players In this format are developing more advanced stroke technique, greater court coverage and improved recognition skills. Orange players need to develop greater racket-head speed to control the ball with improved pace, spin, height and depth. Tactically, orange players are developing high percentage patterns with the forehand as a weapon from the baseline and improving net transition skills on a larger court. Orange players are progressing in their ability to hold serve with greater spin, power and control and are learning to read the serve and adjust the size of their backswing on the return accordingly









The 78 Green format is played on a full-size 78-foot court, with a green ball and a 25-27-inch racket.


Players in this format should display refined stroke technique, movement skills and recognition to properly cover the full-sized court. Green players have the correct grips, preparation and swing paths for all strokes and a higher level of spin, pace and control than orange players. From the backcourt, green players have developed the forehand as weapon, a reliable backhand and sound decision making.  On the serve, green players are continuing to develop the serve as a weapon with refined spin, placement and consistency. 

The Academy is a High Performance Program that is invitation only. The 2 hour program consists primarily of on-court tennis training. Off-court strength, speed and agility fitness can and should be arranged outside of this program additional for these athletes. Athletes for this program participate in State, Sectional, Regional, National & International Tournaments. These athletes should be training to attain top college scholarships and are dedicated to an elite level of tennis.

Tournament Training Program:

This program is designed for players identified for a more intensive training program. It is non-age specific but selected on attitude, work ethic, talent and should be for players who currently play Junior Team Tennis and USTA tournaments. It's is a 2 hour program which consists of footwork speed & agility plus advanced drilling and point structured training.